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Dec 12, 2012 7:30am PST
special thanks to scott weiner for all. he was out campaigning for the bond every night. thank you scott. [ applause ] >> i saw tom ewy the director of the department of building inspection who is here and i want to thank him and i want to thank the san francisco parks alliance who is here and the trust for public lands and most of all, i want to thank all of you, all of you for helping make this happen. [ applause ] >> oh, yeah. it is his last official tree lighting as a supervisor. where is he? come on up. yeah, we have already forgotten up here, you have got to come up. a big... our loudest, loudest round of applause for supervisor sean elsbern and his son michael who is here. look at this guy who just showed up in the left-hand part of the stage, our former mayor willie brown who is here. [ applause ] all right. now, would you... thank you. so now, i want to introduce the city's park champion and chief and of course he shares our vision for making our parks, better cleaner, safer and more fun. he also loves to be in our parks and loves sports and he loves to play and pretty darn good
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
a couple weeksing ayork waits 6.5, today, 7-4 looked like scott weiner picked up support but the supervisor says no. i was just distracted and i accidentally voted in favor of the ban. she asked for the vote retaken it was, again, 6-5 in favor of banning public nudity. >> this led to an arrest of a san francisco blogger who sent a picture of supervisor scott weiner in a bathroom and wrote about it in his blog. last week he was arrested and charged under a law design frod detective privacy. san francisco district attorney says he wants to send a message such behavior is not appropriate. >> this is not okay to invait people's privacy. it trespasses decency. >> saying in a statement he yelled at him over their agreements. >> police investigating a sexual assault on campus last week saying on the evening of november 29th a 21-year-old woman walking between barker hall and a man grabbed her and assaulted her over her clothing she. screamed and scared the man off. >> switching gears now, hundreds of people signed up for jobs in a fair co-sponsored by abc 7 today. among companies hiring, hyatt ree
Dec 4, 2012 7:30pm PST
. and welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority finance committee. i am scott weiner, the chair of the committee, to my far right is commissioner elsbernd, and to my left. and to my left is commissioner carmen chu and i want to thank from sfg tv lowe, and karm anac for the video services today. matter clerk are there any announcements? >> no announcements. >> item two? >> approve the minutes of the october 16, 2012, it is an action item >> is there any public comment on item two? >> seeing none, it is closed. is there a motion to approve the minutes? >> could we take that without objection, that will be the order. item three? >> item three, recommend exercising the first one-year option of the legal services contract with nossaman llp and increasing the contract amount by $350,000, to a total amount not to exceed $1,310,000, for general legal consel services and authorizing the executive director to modify contract terms and conditions. >> this is an action item. >> good morning, commissioners, fong director for finance and administration. the authority contacts the l
Dec 8, 2012 1:00pm PST
is a member of the board of supervisors. >> hang on hannah oconnel and scott weiner. [ applause ] >> so i am not hannah. i will be reading wishes tonight and alternate. the first is from sisters in gramic of the sisters of loreto my wish is that we achieve marriage equality in every state and we resend doma on the federal level to achieve full quality for lesbian and gay relationships across the land. >> i wish that the bees were not dying from. >> that is a good one. >> my hope is for improved economic conditions for my country's most vulnerable people that we create healthy environments and green spaces and by country men and women become fully conscious of their ability to change things for the better. >> baptist from haiti. my wish is for more justice, economic as well as social justice, starting with the recognition that poverty is not a sin. >> i wish for wish for a world without boarders and walls, age 53, argentina. [ applause ] >> i wish for a world where the children are more just and more kind and fair in the world than the one we know. president, barack obama. >> and now, this is
Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
of their bodies and adults they should ab shamed of their body autos supervisor scott weiner says his constituents were tired of seeing a group of naked guys every day. sow sponsors this citywide ordinance. >> i stand by this legislation. i'm happy to see it passed and to move on to other thing autos but that is not likely to happen right away. there is now a criminal charge against local blogger michael petrillis posting this picture of scott weiner in a bathroom preparing to brush his teeth. what he had tried to take was a picture of the supervisor again talls. the district attorney says that is an invasion of pry vassy.. >> the -- privacy. >> this is inappropriate. we want to make sure we send a message this is not accepted. it's just trespasses any social boundaries and the first court appearance is tomorrow and the district attorney about a letter he and the city government showing their naked protests two weeks ago. they accuse the board president of violating the b and of sensorship for calling a recess when commotion broke out that. led cameras ras to stop rolling. the da says protestors n
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
in february. two others were serving prison terms. >> a man took a picture of san francisco supervisor scott weiner in the bathroom has evÑ ordt away from the supervisor. he says he snapped that photo october 26th. he said in the blog weiner finished toodlf=st to get a good photo. today he pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge. the judge ordered him to stay away from weiner. he took the picture to protest the fight against public nudity. >> cal announces who will coach the football team. >> a driving first for california lawmakers went away. but not before some officials passed a buck to taxpayers. >> how to gaufrd who facebook shares your information w stay with us. news continues here on abc 7 in just a moment. >> it looks like cal has a new football coach. as he first told you at 4:00 san francisco chronicle reporting that louisiana tech sony dykes will be named new head football coach at cal. our sources say he's meeting now to break news with player autos and he's known for wide open offense, which cal fans and players should find refreshing. >> might be a nice change. we're expec
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> scott weiner knows trucks are popular. he does not really believe they will drive anyone out of business. his new ordinance is going to require trucks to move 50 feet from an existing restaurant. 50 feet, that is next door. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> mark, thank you.,h still to come here at 6:00 a new report on the possible impact of voter-approved prop 30. what the tax increases could do to the economy. >> we're going through a shift. >> it's called tv everywhere. later efforts by a bay area company to bring programs you want to lap top or tab blet. >> stay with us for that and raider days here on abc 7 begins in less than 20 minutes with a special pregame edition of abc 7 news at 6:30. >> then, we'll get going home with -- tomorrow with larry beil hosting a special pregame show at 4:00 p.m. >> raiders greats will gin us for that. at 5:00 coverage of the denver oakland gamelin begins live right here on abc 7. once the game ends, larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game. >> then, it's abc programming. and a special edition of abc 7 >>> the ports of los angeles and long
Dec 4, 2012 9:00pm PST
san francisco supervisor scott weiner says his constituent were tired of seeing a group of naked guys every day. and so he sponsored the city wide ordinance. >> standby the legislation and i'm happy to see it pass and to move on to other things. >>reporter: that's not likely to happen right away. there's now a criminal charge against local blogger michael trellis who posted this picture of scott weiner in second floor bathroom preparing to brush his teeth. what he had tried to take was a picture of the supervisor genital. district attorney george says these an invasion of privacy. >> very, very inappropriate. and we want to make sure we send a message that that type of behavior is not accepted. and many completely trespasses any social boundary of decency. >>reporter: no xent today from michael trellis whose first court appearance is tomorrow. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> and also in san francisco. soon low income children will be allowed to ride muni for free. metropolitan transportation board approved the pilot program today. one and a half million dollars will help 40,000 k
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm PST
or you are doing. put your phone down and look around. >> scott winer. was not available scott- weiner.. was not available for public comment. the supervisor wheelchaiwill request that local merchants will be there is and city officials the present. tonight at 11:00 p.m., a new cellphone video to show you are reggie kumar, kron 4. >>pam: tonight, the family of a berkeley woman is in shock.. and in mourning.. after she was gunned down while riding her bicycle last night. kron-4's aleica reid has more on the victim.. and the latest on the search for her killer.police are investigating a fatal shooting in berkeley. >> family members are gathering at this scene to more of their loved one, this sacramento street near longfellow middle school last night. they canvassed the school yard from top to bottom, the sidewalk where the victim was shot. family that long ago. pamela- mullins. they found that she had been fatally shot. after a phone call. >> she is a family person we do not understand why somebody would come to shoot her in her head. nobody deserved to to die like that. >> at thi
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
tri bugs. >> petrelis took this photo of supervisor scott weiner inside a city hall bathroom last october and blogged that he try today photograph weern at a urinal. petrelis criticizes weern on issues including the city's new public nudity ban. >> we will be fighting this case and think that de spite the fact that the photograph was taken we're talking fundamentally about a photograph of a gentleman at a sink. >> supervisor weiner declined to speak on camera but released his statement toll investigators. immediately after petrelis entered the restroom he exclaimed my name and indicated it would make a good photo to photograph me urinate sgrg it's okay to exercise your first amendment rights. it's okay to protest to this degree. it is not okay to invade people's privacy in a way that occur in this particular case. >> a judge ordered petrelis to stay 150 yards away from the supervisor. >> mr. petrelis is an active blogger and a regular attendee at the board of supervisors. effectively the restraining order makes it very difficult for mr. petrelis to continue on as a journalist. >>
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
that you have served the city thank you very much for being here. to all of the other supervisors, scott weiner and mark ferrel, thank you for your leadership on infrastructure and open space and parks and on supporting families in this city and to the hardest, most effective commission rec and park commission, thank you very much. all of your leadership there. but there is many other people to thank, we have got a lot of things to be thankful for this year. i mean it is not just prop b, we have so many other things that compliment proposition b and our open space, we have a renewed commitment to build infrastructure and see that supports a lot more things because the most thankful things that we have, i think, are the very people that are standing to my sides and in front of me. these are the folks that we are most thankful for because they give us purpose, and focus for this city and where we need to take it. that is why we build more parks and we invest in our open space. it is for all of these children and the families. i also want to thank all of the sponsors i know three of them ar
Search Results 0 to 48 of about 49 (some duplicates have been removed)